The last moments of Muammar Gaddafi

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The last moments of Muammar Gaddafi

The last moments of Muammar Gaddafi
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As questions continue on the final moments of Col Gaddafi, one fighter has explained the sequence of events leading up to his death. He explained:

“We were located close to some storage facilities in the Assides area west of Sirte. Our brigade was going to support Tiger Brigade which is the Al-Cheryan brigade.

“A black guy went and surrendered himself to a person from the Al-Awaiyub family from Zargu and he said Muttasim and Ahmed Ibrahim are inside. (That is a son of Gaddafi and a military commander).

“After an hour and a half, we saw around 15 people and our freedom fighters captured them. We advanced towards the storage facilities and we saw people running right and left.

“At that time we were standing on top of the hole where Gaddafi was hiding. We saw another two people hiding and we fired on them. Ahmed, one of our colleagues, went and killed two of them. Later on we went to the other side and four or five ran out from under the road. We surrounded them and they told us Gaddafi was hiding inside and that he was injured.

“We entered the hole and I captured him immediately. All the fighters came and surrounded him.

“We found his hand gun on him. And another gun in a bag which is still with our colleague in Sirte. We have here the gun and the satellite mobile phone.”

A graphic video filmed by someone in the crowd shows the last chaotic moments of the former dictator.

In it Gaddafi is seen clearly alive, dazed and bloodied from wounds. He is dragged off a vehicle, surrounded and swept along by the crowd.

In those moments, with shouts in the background of, “Keep him alive” and the sound of gunfire, it appears he is killed. It remains difficult to establish how.

According to a doctor who examined his body, he was fatally wounded by a bullet in his intestines following his capture.