Thailand: Authorities fight to save Bangkok

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Thailand: Authorities fight to save Bangkok

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Thailand is experiencing its worst flooding for half a century.

Workers had to be evacuated from the Bang kadi industrial estate, in Pathum Thani province, when a temporary dyke failed to withstand the strong currents.

The industrial site, the seventh to be hit by the severe flooding, is a major electronics production base in Thailand, housing 44 plants including Toshiba and Sony.

In Bangkok they were forced to open dams, sacrificing some areas of the city in order to save others, although they have reported some success in diverting floodwater around the capital.

The Thai Premier, Yingluck Shinawatra, assumed powers under the natural disaster law giving her full authority to implement a nationwide disaster relief plan.

But one Bangkok resident thought the inundation was just too strong. “I have never seen this scale of floods in my life before.” she said “I am worried, I am not sure if Bangkok can hold the floods.”

Bangkok alone accounts for 41 percent of the Thai economy, so the government is desperate to protect the city from the deluge.

It is estimated that the damage has cost Thailand’s manufacturing sector around 2.4 billion euros.