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Separatist left appeal for dialogue on Basque issues

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Separatist left appeal for dialogue on Basque issues


Is the announcement from the Basque separatist group ETA declaring it has ceased its armed actions the end or as some believe an attempt to achieve its aims by political means?

In San Sebastian a political gathering by the separatist left voiced its intentions of seeking dialogue and sent out a message to Spain and France.

“We appeal to the governments of Zapatero and Sarkozy and ask them to respond without delay to what is an historical opportunity. We want them to do so with vision and respond in the correct way,” said Maribi Ugarteburu, spokeswoman for Abertzale the separatist left group.

Self determination remains a priority for Basque people says one political activist.

“We want once and for all for the historical rootes of the political conflict to disappear. And the root of the political conflict is that our country is not recognised on a national level. It is a universal right like the right of self determination,” explained Rufi Etxeberria from the Abertzale party.

The separatist left party wants to negotiate with ETA and that could stall any progress in potential talks with France and Spain.

Our correspondent says: “Dialogue and negotiation with ETA is the idea that the separatist left came up with when they reacted to ETA’s video statement. An idea that the Spanish and French governments don’t share and one that is undermining a solution for the Basque conflict.”

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