Jubilant Libyan fighters parade Gaddafi's body

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Jubilant Libyan fighters parade Gaddafi's body

Jubilant Libyan fighters parade Gaddafi's body
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Pictures that some will find disturbing show Muammar Gaddafi’s bloodsoaked body being paraded like a trophy by jubilant fighters.

Those who suffered under his regime may not care, but how Libya’s former dictator was killed after apparently being captured may prove controversial.

There are conflicting accounts. A video filmed around the time of his capture offers some clues. In it, Gaddafi appears wounded as he is led away after being caught following NATO’s air strike.

The National Transitional Council say he was caught in a gunfight between his supporters and government fighters, and died from a bullet to the head.

However, one source from the ruling body has been quoted as saying he was killed by his captors.

There are other claims that Gaddafi, already injured in the NATO strike, was shot by one of his own guards. Another says he bled to death in an ambulance.

The dictator who ruled like an all-powerful king for 42 years was finally cornered on the outskirts of his home town of Sirte, which he and his entourage were trying to flee.

“He called us ‘rats’, but look where we found him,” said one fighter, standing next to the drainpipe in which Gaddafi is said to have taken refuge after his convoy was struck by French missiles. France says it fired warning shots first.

Many vehicles were destroyed, giving an idea of the scale of the attack. Dozens of drivers and passengers were killed instantly.

One of the fighters who said he took part in the capture brandished a golden pistol he said he had taken from Gaddafi.

None of the footage has been independently verified.