Gaddafi's body becomes freak show as Misrata celebrates

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Gaddafi's body becomes freak show as Misrata celebrates

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Libya’s new government has said it will announce the country’s liberation on Sunday.

In March, Misrata was the scene of heavy fighting between pro-Gaddafi forces and the former rebels. The city was encircled and stood as one of the last pockets of rebel resistance.

It is hard to believe that just seven months later they are celebrating victory, and have control of the whole country.

The dead body of Muamma Gaddafi lies in the cold storage room of a Misrata market.

Groups of people queue to see it like a freak show exhibition: taking photographs and seeing with their own eyes that the despot who ran their country for 42 years is really dead.

Among them, a senior official from the National Transitional Council Mahmoud Jibril, arrived to see the body for himself.

He is involved with the investigation to see how Gaddafi died.

“The file of the autopsy has been concluded,” he said. “All samples have been taken and today the file is going to be taken to the Hague.”

The body of one of Gaddafi’s sons was also seen. He had also been wounded and later died around the same time as his father.