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Tripoli rejoices as it follows events in Sirte

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Tripoli rejoices as it follows events in Sirte


In Tripoli the unfolding events in Sirte sparked spontaneous scenes of joy and celebration.

The capital, captured by NTC forces on 23rd of August was in a mood to rejoice once again.

People poured into the streets, flags were unfolded, the sounds of car horns, singing and dancing filled the air.

One local Imam was heard on a loudspeaker continually chanting, ‘peace and thanks to god’

Those sentiments were repeated by people across the city caught up in the mass celebration.

“Praise to Allah, the rebels and NATO: the Libyans are finally free,” said one, “ “I congratulate all the revolutionaries of 17 February for this freedom. God is Great,” added another.

“Libya is free, Libyans are free. God is great, the country and its people are free,” shouted another.

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