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Greece hit by continued strikes and clashes

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Greece hit by continued strikes and clashes


Angry protests in Greece are set to continue on day two of a general strike as parliament votes on a new round of austerity measures designed to stave off bankruptcy.

In some of the worst violence seen in recent years in the capital, thousands of demonstrators yesterday confronted riot police as much of the country was brought to a standstill .

Parliament backed in principle a first reading of the new cuts despite Greece’s biggest labour action in years. Today they are expected to vote on the details of the package although some ruling party MPs have warned they may vote against.

The clashes went on throughout Wednesday night, with protesters planning further rallies outside parliament. The bill foresees an average income cut of about 20 percent.

But despite the anger felt by the people, analysts say there is no option for the assembly but to approve the measures, which are a key condition of the next round of bail out funds from the EU and IMF.

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