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Greece: Deputies say 'yes' to austerity bill

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Greece: Deputies say 'yes' to austerity bill


Greek lawmakers have given their initial approval to an austerity law, which will cut wages and raise taxes in the country.

All 154 of the ruling party’s deputies voted in favour of the law.

This came despite fierce opposition from protesters outside who had been confident that their show of strength would make the deputies think again.

One demonstrator said: “With our presence in the streets, with our protests, with this organised strength, with all of us participating, including all the workers’ unions, we will stop this bill from being voted in.”

Another protester simply displayed her anger towards the politicians.

“I say damn them, how much worse can they make it for us? People are actually hungry, the kids don’t have lunch at school, parents are trying to save money just for that. What kind of a situation is this? What kind of future?” she asked.

It is necessary for Greek politicians to pass the austerity measures through parliament, to receive their next batch of bailout funds and avoid bankruptcy.

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