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French hostage kidnapped in Kenya is dead

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French hostage kidnapped in Kenya is dead


Marie Dedieu the French woman kidnapped in Kenya has died. A statement from the French Foreign Ministry confirmed the death of the 66-year-old who was suffering from cancer.

The statement added France was shocked at the, “absence of humanity” by the kidnappers.

Dedieu was snatched from her home on Manda island. Somali pirates said she was being held in Somalia. Its believed she was not given her daily medication.

Kenyan troops backed by pro-Somali government forces launched a major incursion into Somali earlier this week against the al Queda-affiliated al Shabaab militant group.

It controls large chunks in the south and central regions. The operation has been mounted in a bid to secure the Kenya border after a wave of kidnappings by suspected militants.

Last week Spanish aid workers Montserrat Serra and Blanca Thiebaut were snatched from Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya close to the border with Somalia. Gunmen also captured a British tourist in September after killing her husband.

The offensive by the Kenyan army has prompted warnings of revenge from al-Shabaab who deny being behind the recent kidnappings.

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