Protest camps set up in Frankfurt and London

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Protest camps set up in Frankfurt and London

Protest camps set up in Frankfurt and London
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The day after global protests against the world’s financial system and economic injustice, some demonstrators are not letting up.

In Frankfurt about a dozen tents have been pitched outside the headquarters of the European Central Bank, whose chief has called for a change to the EU treaty to prevent one member state from destabilising the rest of the bloc.

However, some of those camping out are more concerned with the activities of the Bank itself.

“We will stand in front of the ECB, in loose formations so that the bankers can go through us but they have to confront us, they have to see our faces. They have to see that we are here to fight against the financial crimes they do,” said one young man.

In London about 250 protesters have set up camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral on the edge of the City, promising to occupy the site indefinitely.

On Saturday police prevented them from taking over the area in front of the Stock Exchange.

“We’re really concerned about how politics is happening, and who is actually dictating how things should be,” said a protester.

Unlike cities elsewhere, Rome is assessing the damage caused by a violent minority. While tens of thousands marched peacefully, masked rioters attacked banks and cars and threw rocks at police.

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said they had to be condemned without reservation.

Many are asking why only 12 arrests were made. One newspaper said Italians should feel shame; the city’s mayor said the capital would long suffer “moral damage”.