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Protesters rally worldwide against 'corporate greed'

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Protesters rally worldwide against 'corporate greed'


As far as those taking part are concerned, it is a global chance to fight back against the fat cats.

An international wave of rallies denouncing bankers, financiers and politicians will unfold today. Demonstrators are drawing inspiration from Spain’s ‘indignados’ movement, five months after it emerged.

But while today’s protests are billed as peaceful, Friday’s disturbances in Milan don’t inspire much confidence. Eggs were hurled as the headquarters of Italy’s biggest bank was attacked and the offices of Goldman Sachs were stormed.

In Greece, home of Europe’s biggest financial meltdown, street protests are nothing new. But an anti-austerity rally in Athens today will be a key event in a collective cry of rage in dozens of countries worldwide.

Focus recently has fallen on New York where arrests and scuffles marked the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest on Friday. Across the Atlantic in London, still reeling from August’s riots, it is feared a rally in front of the Stock Exchange could also turn ugly.

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