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Perspectives: 99% anger


Perspectives: 99% anger


Young people of the middle class in Europe are increasingly joining the ranks of the deeply dissatisfied. The 99% movement in Italy is based on the idea that ordinary taxpayers are being burdened with bailing out the banks, paying for the errors of a tiny minority. They say: “We didn’t produce the debt. We won’t pay it.” Italy’s RAI3 reports.

Downgraded Spanish banks are also under pressure from their own customers who accuse them of having irresponsibly encouraged home-buyers to shoulder excessive debt. Portugal’s RTP reports.

Hardship continues for the people of Greece: government-imposed austerity, strikes, sit-ins… One of the budget cuts’ main targets is civil service jobs. Spanish TVE television reports.

Anger has also spread in the United States. The 99% of people who say they are paying for mistakes made by a tiny minority are shouting out their opposition on Wall Street. Italian RAI2 reports.

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