Mass held for Chilean miners on rescue anniversary

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Mass held for Chilean miners on rescue anniversary

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On the first anniversary of the rescue of 33 Chilean miners trapped for 70 days underground, an open-air mass has been held at the mine entrance.

Some of the men wore the same glasses they were given when they first saw daylight 12 months ago.

But only just over half of those caught up in the drama were present.

A year on, the mine remains closed and the 600-metre rescue shaft specially drilled to bring the men out is covered in concrete.

Chile’s First Lady Cecilia Morel, along with the former Mining Minister Laurence Golborne, set the foundation for a monument at the entrance to the gold and copper mine.

Last year’s dramatic rescue was broadcast live around the world as the miners were brought out one by one.

But despite the initial euphoria the ordeal left deep scars.

Although some have made money from their story, half are unemployed, only one has returned to work as a miner, and many suffer from trauma.