Greek general strike to be extended, as pressure mounts over debt crisis

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Greek general strike to be extended, as pressure mounts over debt crisis

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Public sector workers have been out on the streets of Athens again, as they continue to lash out at economic reforms being demanded by the Greek government.

Unions now say a planned general strike next week will be extended to 48 hours.

As protestors crippled services in the capital, the Greek Prime Minister was meeting with European Council President Herman Van Rompuy in Brussels, to discuss his country’s financial woes.

“We need to ensure confidence and calm in the markets, we need to lead to sustainable growth and investments, because Greece has great potential, but this potential has in the past been mismanaged,” said George Papandreou, Greek Prime Minister.

“That’s why we’re moving ahead with major reforms”

As Greece battles to balance the books, euro zone ministers are now considering asking banks to accept losses on their holdings of the country’s debt.

“It is important that the private sector will also carry part of the burden, as the official sector or taxpayers are carrying part of the burden in terms of loans and guarantees for Greece,” Olli Rehn,

EU Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, told Euronews.

Greece is set to receive the next instalment of a massive bailout fund.

The government says it has no choice but to bring in tough austerity measures to get the loans it needs.

But it is those austerity measures which are continuing to stoke anger on the streets of Athens.