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Beyoncé beyond copyright?

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Beyoncé beyond copyright?

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Anne Teresa de Keermaeker, one of Belgium’s most famous choreographers says Beyoncé‘s Countdown video plagiarises her work. Her dance students agree, saying the video copies routines they study during their first year.

The disputed choreography comes from ‘Rosas danst Rosas’, and ‘Achterland’, both world-famous routines.

The Legal Director of the Society of Authors ‘SACD-SCAM’, Tanguy Roosen, said: “There’s no doubt at all. Artwork is protected by copyright when two conditions are met: the designing, how will one render a simple idea, how will you compose, construct it? And on the other side, the originality.’‘

For her part Beyoncé agrees that ‘Rosas danst Rosas’ was an inspiration for the video alongside references including Audrey Hepburn’s movie ‘Funny Face’ and various other people like Brigitte Bardot, Andy Warhol and Diana Ross.

A clip pointing out the similarities – posted on YouTube – has already had over one million hits. Plagiarism or influence? The jury’s still out.

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