Berlusconi 'certain' he will win confidence vote

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Berlusconi 'certain' he will win confidence vote

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He is 100 percent confident he will win a confidence vote.

The Italian Prime Minister has called for the ballot on Friday in a speech to parliament, which opposition MPs boycotted.

Silvio Berlusconi’s government is under pressure after losing a parliamentary vote on the country’s budget on Tuesday.

This amid a row over plans for austerity measures.

Berlusconi said: “In any case, our government will move forward, without being influenced by anything, only by the constitution and our European commitments. To those who ask us to take a step back, we say that we will never, especially at this time, bow to this request.”

Anger at Berlusconi’s government is growing, with different demonstrations held on Thursday.

The row over an austerity programme to balance the country’s books comes on top of headlines about corruption and sex scandals.

But Berlusconi claims that a collapse of his government now would be catastrophic for the country and its economy.