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US-Iran enter 'new cold war'

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US-Iran enter 'new cold war'


With the US government saying it is holding a suspect acting for Tehran who wanted to kill Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Washington — which Iran has said is not true — euronews spoke to the Washington-based political analyst Ali Alfoneh.

Nima Ghadakpour, euronews: “If we accept the allegations as true, who in the Islamic Republic could have been behind this, and was Iran aware of the possible consequences?”

Ali Alfoneh:

“I personally don’t believe that Iran’s supreme spiritual guide is behind the conspiracy. Ayatollah Khamenei is far too prudent for that. It seems that the Army of the Guardians of the Revolution, and especially Sepah Qods, the external branch, are behind it. Their goal is to stoke up tensions between the United States, Iran and Saudi Arabia.”

euronews: “You believe that Sepah Qods do not take their orders from the Supreme Guide but they decide things themselves?”


“I believe there is a major conflict between the Supreme Guide and the officers and men in the Revolutionary Guards, and that they want to affirm their top place in the state by aggravating tensions between Iran, the Saudis and the US.”

euronews: “Considering that the Iranian government has influence in the Middle East region, do you not think that killing an ambassador in the US is slightly irrational?”


“There is no doubt that the Revolutionary Guards are deeply involved in the region, as well as in northern Africa, and that they don’t have the same field of operation in the US but the project against the Saudi ambassador, who is close to King Abdullah, can create an unequalled tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and I believe that is why the Revolutionary Guards wanted it.”

euronews: “Seeing that the Saudi authorities have congratulated the American government for having foiled the plot, do you think tensions are moving into a new phase?”


“There is no doubt that the cold war between the two countries is entering a new phase, and unfortunately this problem is going to have disastrous consequences for the Islamic Republic, and Iran will become increasingly isolated. This plot shows that the efforts of Barack Obama’s government to normalise relations between Tehran and Washington have failed completely, and that Iran’s politicians, and especially the heads of the Revolutionary Guards, speak only the language of violence.”

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