Murdered Russian journalist remembered

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Murdered Russian journalist remembered

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Mourners have gathered to mark the fifth anniversary of the assassination of Anna Politkovskaya.

The journalist, who was a well known critic of Vladimir Putin, was gunned down in her apartment building.

Her son Ilya said he does not expect that he will ever know the full details behind her death.

“The authorities just do not wish to investigate this thoroughly. I certainly do not want to say that it has been forbidden, but at the same time there is no desire on their part to properly get to the bottom of the case.”

There have been some arrests, such as former police officer Dmitry Pavlyuchenkov. He was arrested and charged for his role in the murder in August.

And on the anniversary, investigators announced they are pressing charges against another man who they accuse of arranging the killing.

Politkovskaya’s colleagues from the Novaya Gazeta newspaper, held a memorial ceremony, with a book of her articles as the centrepiece.

She is currently the main symbol for the freedom of the press in Russia.