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German economy minister visits 'investment friendly' Greece

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German economy minister visits 'investment friendly' Greece


Street protests have continued in Athens as the German Economy Minister, Philipp Rösler, arrived with 60 businessmen and women to discuss investment opportunities in Greece.

He was welcomed by George Papandreou, for a meeting in which the Greek Prime Minister emphasised the efforts he said were being made by his government, as well as what he called the “maturity’” shown by the Greek people in the face of tough austerity measures.

Mr Rösler also met with the Greek finance minister, who said that recent reforms aimed at slashing Greek bureaucracy put the country on the right track to become “investment friendly”.

The German minister spoke of how he hoped his country could continue to help Greece out of its situation.

“Our trip is meant as a support of a strategy that should improve the competitiveness in Greece with the help of German businesswomen and businessmen,” he said.

However some Greeks remain angry at Germany, and a group of people dressed as Nazis protested the event. They blame Berlin for pressuring their government to implement tough austerity measures.

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