UNESCO agrees to vote on Palestinian membership

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UNESCO agrees to vote on Palestinian membership

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UNESCO, the UN’s cultural agency has agreed to allow a vote on whether to accept Palestinian membership of the organisation.

The proposal is the latest move in a Palestinian quest for statehood recognition.

Elias Sanbar, Palestinian UNESCO ambassador acknowledged the upholding of the proposal:

“ It’s the beginning of a new time. A time when Palestine, having had its name and its rights recognised and returned, will finally be able to exercise fully, responsibly, independently, freely and as a sovereign state, its activities in every field.”

But the move brought a stiff rebuke in Washington from the US provoking journalists to ask, “what’s the problem?”

Victoria Nuland, US State Department replied:

“ We do have a Security Council process that is ongoing, that the U.S. is participating in so it is incoherent to be making decisions about constituent agencies of the UN before the UN Security Council has even had a chance to deliberate.”

Last month’s Palestinian application for full UN membership was criticised by the US and Israel who believe only direct talks can establish a Palestinian state.