From coast to coast people pay tribute to Steve Jobs

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From coast to coast people pay tribute to Steve Jobs

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Flowers were laid at the Apple HQ in New York and at stores coast to coast in the home country of the designer who transformed the daily lives of millions.

As Manhattan mourned the world joined in the tears and tributes. From President to Prime Minister to the public all have their memories of the Jobs brand.

“We should keep what he did in our mind and try to do what he wanted to do because he made the world much better in terms of creativity,” said

Japanese tourist, Daichiro Tashiro

Priya Sandna another visitor to New York remarked: “I think he has changed our life. I have got an iPhone. We don’t say I’m using my phone anymore, we say I’m using my iPhone, the iPad as well.”

Among the tributes were words to sum up his influence in the world of business.

“We also can appreciate the contributions that he’s made to American business and global business and he probably will be considered an industrial giant on the scale of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, so one of the greats of all time,” opined

David Carroll, Associate Professor of media design, Parsons School of Design

In his home state of California there was talk of the apple heritage.

“It is an amazing legacy. He has just been a force of nature. It is no longer, ‘do you have a portable music device, or do you have a walkman?’ It is ‘I want an iPad, or an iPod, that is the music device of choice.”