Ceasefire ends as Sirte continues to suffer

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Ceasefire ends as Sirte continues to suffer

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Fighting has restarted on the outskirts of the Libyan city of Sirte. A ceasefire declared by National Transitional Council fighters to allow civilians to leave the besieged pro-Gaddafi stronghold has ended.

Nato war planes have also resumed air strikes on targets within the city where Gaddafi loyalists have vowed to fight on regardless of their worsening prospects.

Within Sirte treating the injured is becoming impossible according to the Red Cross and Red Crescent as conditions deteriorate.

Red Crescent representative, Dibeh Fakhr said: “There are shortages of doctors, medical instruments, oxygen cylinders and even the water storage has been affected. The hospital is suffering and so are the doctors.”

As the ceasefire deadline approached countless Sirte residents fled. The NTC has been trying to take the city for the last three weeks. It is one of two still holding out, Bani Walid is the other. Libya’s new rulers have gained control of most of the rest of the country.