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Top Italian executive in public criticism of politicians

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Top Italian executive in public criticism of politicians


An open letter in every Italian newspaper on Saturday pointed criticism at the ruling political class. It was entitled, “ Politicians, enough is enough,” and made no distinction along party lines.

The space in the newpapers was bought by one of the country’s leading businessmen, Diego Della Valle head of luxury shoemaker’s Tod’s. The politicians he wrote have, ‘cut themselves off from reality’.

The public attack comes on the back of a threat on Friday from Confindustria – Italy’s main business federation – to walk out of roundtable talks with the government. Emma Marcegaglia, it’s president said the government must introduce structural reforms or go home.

It is seen as withering criticism of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s response to the financial crisis. The business federation has traditionally worked closely with the government. They want swift action to stimulate growth and reform taxes, pensions and public spending.

A debt downgrade last month was introduced despite parliament passing a 60 billion euro austerity plan.

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