Are FTAs killing jobs?

Amid economic and financial crises, free trade and globalisation are dirty words to many Europeans. Some of those same countries where


What is the EFSF?

The European Financial Stability Facility is on its way to getting approval for expansion. It is the euro zone’s rescue fund set up to combat the


Nokia hangs up on Romania

Nokia is cutting 3,500 jobs in its second major restructuring in six months. The company, which still sells more mobile phones than any other


A modern eye on Edvard Munch

An exhibition of the works by Edvard Munch has opened in Paris before it moves to other cities in Germany and London. Edvard Munch, “The Modern


Teaching peace

This edition of Learning World explores teaching peace in the US, Switzerland and the Balkans. Sixteen Palestinian and Israeli girls have spent


Making sense of maths

Maths is certainly a mental challenge but it can also be fun, and ultimately rewarding. We look at schools in the US, Japan and China and compare

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Mount Etna Erupts

Mount Etna volcano on Sicily in southern Italy, started erupting, sending flames and sparks shooting 250 metres into the air and flows of lava down


EU plans tourism boost

Europe wants to create a certified quality label for its tourism activities. Europe is already the world’s leading destination for tourists