Audio of incoherent Jackson played in US court

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Audio of incoherent Jackson played in US court

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Shocking and emotional are the words being used to describe the testimony and evidence at the start of the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial.

The late pop star’s doctor, Conrad Murray, is facing the charge after Jackson’s death by overdose in June 2009.

At a courthouse in Los Angeles, the prosecution’s first witness talked about a confrontation with the doctor.

The Director of the “This is It” concert and film, Kenneth Ortega, said: “He was upset that I didn’t allow Michael to rehearse the night before I sent him home. And he was upset that I… he said that I should stop trying to be an amateur doctor and psychologist and be the director and allow Michael’s health to him.”

The court has been shown a photograph of Jackson dead on a stretcher and it has also heard an audio tape of him speaking just weeks before he died. His speech is slow and incoherent and he slurs his words.

The defence claims that Jackson caused his own death.

Defence lawyer, Edward Chernoff, told the court: “We believe the evidence will show you… the scientific evidence… will show you that when Dr Murray left the room, Michael Jackson self- administered a dose of propofol that, with the lorazapam, created a perfect storm in his body, that killed him instantly.”

Doctor Murray faces up to four years in jail if convicted.