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While Michel Platini was expressing satisfaction with Ukraine’s efforts ahead of Euro 2012, the pro-active Ukrainian women’s movement FEMEN staged a topless protest in Kiev against what they say are UEFA’s plans to turn their country into a destination for sex tourists from around the world.

One of the women said: “We are protesting against the mafia that is hiding behind this competition. We are against the men who are not just here to support their team, but to pay Ukrainian woman to sleep with them. Foreigners often mistake our country for a brothel and our women for prostitutes. I am afraid that some of those fans will not just come here to watch the tournament but many of them will probably be looking for cheap sex and this is why we are here today. Ukraine is not a brothel!”

Topless protests have been used on a number of occasions by FEMEN activists and according to reports, four of them were arrested after stripping to the waist outside Kiev’s main stadium.

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