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Israel accepts proposals for peace talks

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Israel accepts proposals for peace talks


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he is ready to accept proposals from the so-called Quartet of mediators to aim for peace with the Palestinians before the end of next year.

He told Israeli TV that he wants direct negotiations without any pre-conditions.

On Friday, the United Nations, United States, European Union and Russia called on both sides to put comprehensive proposals on the table within three months.

“The Quartet proposal represents the firm conviction of the international community that a just and lasting peace can only come through negotiations between the parties,” US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said following Friday’s announcement.

The timetable was announced following Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ historic speech to the United Nations in New York, calling for full recognition of a sovereign Palestinian state.

In the address, Abbas reiterated his demands for a freeze on Israeli settlements and negotiations based on the borders set pre-1967, the year of the 6 day war.

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