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Femme Fatale tour hits Europe

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Femme Fatale tour hits Europe

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Britney Spears is back on the road with her Femme Fatale Tour, playing a string of European dates this autumn followed by a dash round South America later in the year. She has a new boyfriend, Jason Trawick, and says that she’ll be balancing the tour with looking after her sons.

She said“You just have to find your balance and your nitch in life, how to work things out. I have the kids half of the time so when they come it just works out. I have an amazing nanny and my mother helps me out with the kids when I do the show but during the day it’s just a process that you learn to figure out.”

About her work she said: “You know as an artist you can’t keep doing the same thing every time so you have to meet with the producers and come up with a collection of different ideas, and see what you can do next. You have to bring a different light to it. Well, every day is a challenge you know but as far as the balance goes I think I have found a really good yin and yang with life.”

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