Death row Davis loses last call for clemency

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Death row Davis loses last call for clemency

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Convicted killed Troy Davis has lost his final appeal against execution in the US state of Georgia despite pleading his innocence.

A Pardon Board rejected a last-ditch call for clemency despite an ex-president and a former FBI director claiming wrongful conviction.

This is the fourth time his family has had to prepare themselves for Davis’ death.

Amnesty International’s Laura Moye expressed her disappointment: “We cannot believe that the Board of Pardons and Paroles is allowing a person to go to his death despite the fact that serious doubts about him remain unresolved. We were hopeful that they would act as an effective fail-safe to intervene in this execution.”

Davis’ conviction has been questioned because seven of nine witnesses have either changed or recanted their testimony. Neither has there been conclusive DNA or fingerprint evidence linking him to the 1989 murder of an off-duty policeman.

Officer Allen MacPhail’s widow, Joan MacPhail-Harris, said: “We are victims. Look at us. We have put up with this stuff for 22 years and it is time for justice today. We need our justice.”

Her son Mark added: “My father was a victim. My father did not get a chance to say his bit. He was taken from us too soon.”

Despite prosecutors insisting they have the right man, Davis’ plight has become a cause celebre for anti-capital punishment campaigners, attracting worldwide support.

Davis is scheduled to die by lethal injection on Wednesday evening local time.