Civil servants protest over Greek austerity measures

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Civil servants protest over Greek austerity measures

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Civil servants burned paperwork telling them about a one-off solidarity tax, as they demonstrated in Athens on Wednesday.

They took to the streets for a second day, angry about the way Greece’s debt problems are being handled.

There is a pledge to suspend up to 20 thousand civil servants on reduced pay.

Pensions have also been cut in the country’s bloated public sector.

“The government is trying to terrorise workers through suspending civil servants on reduced pay, with merger and closure of organisations,” said one campaigner.

“We are here to protect social wellbeing that is plagued by low funding and workers being laid off.”

As the pressure piles on Greece to slash the size of its public sector, the country’s two biggest labour unions have said they will jointly stage two 24 hour strikes in October.

Together they represent around half of the country’s workforce.