Student protest over Greek budget cuts

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Student protest over Greek budget cuts

Student protest over Greek budget cuts
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Students took to the streets of the Greek capital Athens on Tuesday, to protest over government austerity measures, including a curb in education spending.

Greece, rescued from bankruptcy last year, is under pressure to shrink its deficit.

The demonstrators said the cuts are making their life a misery.

“There are people at home in our families that have been laid off or are badly paid. We can’t pay for some basic necessities like food and electricity,” one protester said.

“Then the school year started a week ago and we don’t have teachers. We did not have any books and they said they don’t have the money to print them,” he added.

Outside parliament, students threw CDs towards the building. With the shortage of teachers and textbooks, written material has been handed out on disc instead.

High unemployment means work prospects for young people in Greece look bleak too.

“Everybody is moving to other countries to find jobs. I don’t know whether this is a solution, but it is something. A lot of people do that. There is no reason to come back,” said one young woman.

“I don’t think there is a future in Greece anymore. So I am going to move,” another added.

With some students seeing their parents lose their jobs in this age of austerity, the country’s young generation now struggle to look to the future with any hope.