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Palestinian statehood: "The EU has a choice"

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Palestinian statehood: "The EU has a choice"


Saeb Erekat negotiated the Oslo Accords with Israel, the framework agreement signed in 1993 by Mahmoud Abbas and Shimon Peres on behalf of the PLO and Israel respectively. Erekat went on to become chief Palestinian negotiator until February this year. He spoke to euronews’ Valérie Gauriat about the imminent Palestinian demand for recognition of the state of Palestine at the United Nations.

He told her that “the government of Israel is deliberately undermining the two-state solution” and criticises Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who he says was “given a choice between past and future but chose the past…given the choice between settlements and peace and he chose settlements.”

He says that the EU and the United States also have a choice when Abbas makes his request for Palestinian statehood. “Those who are pro-peace must support our endeavour…must stand tall and support the admission of the state of Palestine in the UN…there’s no excuse for not doing so,” he says.

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