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Israel's likely next step?

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Israel's likely next step?


With the Palestinians bidding for statehood, Israel finds itself once again in the eye of the storm at the UN. To gauge the mood within the country we spoke to Schlomo Brom, an analyst with the Institute for National Security Studies.

euronews: “In terms of a response, what are the courses of action open to the Israeli government, what is their most likely option?”


“The one approach is that, ‘anyway it is not going to make any real change, whether the Palestinian bid will be successful or unsuccessful, so what we have to do is simply to lie low and not react too much.’ And then there is the opposite approach which is concerned with different risks that may be embedded in the Palestinian bid. And some of those that believe that it is a real threat are also talking about punishing the Palestinians for this step.”

euronews: “Punishing in what way?”


“Israel has many ways of punishing the Palestinians, for example a great part of their budget is based on taxes that are collected by the Israelis and transferred to the Palestinians.”

euronews: “You have been involved in negotiations with the Palestinians, what will this move do for the prospects for restarting peace talks between the two sides?”


“Well, it depends on the language of the Palestinian bid. You know if the Palestinian bid only includes the request for the recognition of the Palestinian state then even Prime Minister Netanyahu is willing to have a Palestinian state. He declared he supports the two-state solution. But the concern is that the Palestinian bid will detail what are the parameters of this state, for example that it will be a state on the

1967 borders. And there is concern in Israel that that may interfere with the possibility of having effective negotiations with the Palestinians because the borders between the two states have to be negotiated.”

euronews: “This Palestinian statehood move comes at a time of revolution across the Arab world. How would you assess Israel’s response to the Arab spring? Is it at a crossroads in terms of regional relations?”


“The Israeli response so far in my opinion is very passive, namely it is a kind of attitude of ‘let’s wait and see and that it’s not the time to initiate anything or to do anything. I’m afraid that it may be missed opportunity, certainly when it concerns Arab states such as Egypt.”

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