Diplomatic crisis intensifies over Palestinian UN bid

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Diplomatic crisis intensifies over Palestinian UN bid

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The diplomatic crisis around President Mahmoud Abbas’ push for recognition of a Palestinian state is intensifying, in the run-up to his planned UN request on Friday.

Abbas intends to ask for a Security Council vote, but the US and Israel say a state can only emerge through negotiation. Washington has pledged to veto the UN bid.

Nabil Amr, a leader within Abbas’ political party Fatah, has told Euronews he also has concerns.

“The timing is not good. We cannot imagine strong international positions on this. We can imagine a super vote at the United Nations General Assembly but at the Security Council, you know that the situation will be different,” Amr said.

“What is more, President Obama, who should be firm on the two state solution, is rather neutral or with the other side (Israel) and that comes down to what is going on in the United States. He has reservations about our preparations on this (the creation of a Palestinian state),” he continued.

“The important thing is not only going to New York to present the case and make the request. Afterwards there will be Israeli decisions on the ground. There is the Quartet. There are the Americans who have already threatened to use their veto.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has offered renewed, direct talks with Mahmoud Abbas.

But Palestinians say, after a breakdown in previous dialogue, they have been left with no choice but to push for UN recognition without waiting for Israel’s consent.