Taped interviews reveal a new Jackie Kennedy

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Taped interviews reveal a new Jackie Kennedy

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The closest thing to a personal memoir of Jackie Kennedy has been published revealing a previously unknown side of the former US first lady.

The book is based on taped interviews made in 1964 just months after her husband JFK was assassinated.

One shopper eager to buy the book said: ‘She was so private and we never heard, up until now really, what her inner thoughts were about Lyndon Johnson or Martin Luther King Jr. So I think it shed some light on her personality and, you know, her world at that time.’

The recordings reveal her view of the human rights leader Martin Luther King, calling him ‘a terrible man’.

She said JFK was scathing about his vice president Lyndon B. Johnson.

She thought French president General de Gaulle was a spiteful egomaniac. She said she hated the French, a people not very kind, she said, who could not think of anyone but themselves.

When JFK met Winston Churchill, he described the British wartime leader as ‘gaga’.

Jackie Kennedy died in 1994.