MEP add to calls for Syria's Assad to go

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MEP add to calls for Syria's Assad to go

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MEPs in Strasbourg have added to growing calls for Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad to quit.

The resolution by the European Parliament demanded Assad and his regime to

“relinquish power immediately’‘.

It also meant sanctions agreed among EU member states, including a ban on oil investments, were adopted. Syria’s opposition, however, wants more.

‘‘We would like stronger measures. We’re grateful to the European Union for the decisions that have been made but up to now Syrian money continues to pour into Damascus. Petrol continues to be exported and several companies are not respecting the embargo. We would like the EU to take measures which serve the Syrain people,’‘ Bassem Hatahet said.

Despite the latest condemnation of Assad’s brutal crackdown some say only the UN can impose strict sanctions.

Abdalahad Astepho, a foreign affairs analyst told euronews: ‘‘I think the most important measures against the Syrian regime will be those adopted in the United Nations. Now everyone is waiting for the UN to meet to see what Russia’s position will be.’‘

But while Assad faces Western outrage the chances of him being subjected to UN Security Council action look bleak. Russia and China have so far refused to back any resolutions supporting sanctions.