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Libyans hail Cameron, Sarkozy

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Libyans hail Cameron, Sarkozy


A roaring welcome in Libya’s second city of Benghazi greeted Nicolas Sarkozy and David Cameron. The British Prime Minister and French President shared the triumphal limelight with interim premier Mahmoud Jibril, to an outpouring of thanks.

Cameron said: “It is great to be here in free Bengazhi and in free Libya! Your city was an inspiration to the world, as you threw off a dictator and chose freedom!”

It is here the uprising against Muammar Gaddafi started.

“Friends of Benghazi,” said Sarkozy, “we ask you now one thing… We believe in Libya united, not Libya divided. Vive Bengazhi! Vive la Libye!”

Earlier, the special visitors had landed in the capital Tripoli. The two who spearheaded the West’s military intervention to help remove Gaddafi are the first senior foreign leaders to come since his fall. As well as meeting National Transitional Council figures, they dropped by a hospital.

Cameron and Sarkozy in February were the foremost voices in rallying NATO support for the rebellion.

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