Cameron and Sarkozy bring message of support to Tripoli

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Cameron and Sarkozy bring message of support to Tripoli

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The British and French leaders have pledged continued support for Libya’s new rulers during a visit to Tripoli. Prime Minister David Cameron and President Nicolas Sarkozy spearheaded the West’s military intervention during the conflict to oust Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. They were also among the first to recognise the National Transitional Council as the country’s sole legitimate authority.

They had talks with NTC leaders this morning and, in a press conference, they vowed to maintain military, diplomatic and humanitarian support for Libya.

Sarkozy said “we have a common destiny and we are building it now. This is true for Libya, but also for the other Arab peoples of the world who would like to get rid of their chains: France and Europe will be at their side.”

Cameron declared “This was your revolution, not our revolution, it was those brave people.”

He also said Britain and France will be pushing the international community at the UN to speed up the process of unfreezing Libyan assets held abroad.

He added that some Libyans injured in the fighting will be treated in British hospitals.

The head of the NTC, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, announced that those countries that had intervened to support the Libyan rebels would have priority in the negotiation of future trade deals with Libya. Existing contracts, he added, could be reviewed for corruption.

It was reported Cameron and Sarkozy were expected to appear in Liberty Square, in the centre of Tripoli before flying on to Benghazi – the first city to fall under rebel control.