Markets rise on debt hopes

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Markets rise on debt hopes

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European shares rose in a tentative recovery rally on hopes a plan by European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso to present options for the introduction of common euro zone bonds would

help ease the euro zone sovereign debt crisis.

London showed a rise, just under one and a half per cent. Frankfurt led the way up by over three per cent.

The euro remains stable against the dollar and yen after its earlier dips at the start of the week.

Brent crude oil showed a small increase after yesterdays dip.

Trade was choppy despite an air of optimism. As one analyst said, “The market might want to have a relief rally every now and again, but structurally we still have lots of challenges.”

Uncertainity sill hanfgs in the air in the markets as initial optimism over coments of the creation of euro zone bonds faded.

London showed a gain up just over one per cent. The euro remains stable