300,000 homeless in Pakistan flooding

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300,000 homeless in Pakistan flooding

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Authorities in Pakistan are under pressure to find shelter for 300,000 people who have been left homeless by severe flooding.

Monsoon rains have inundated large swathes of southern Sindh province, killing more than 200 people. Some villages have been completely swept away.

Thousands of survivors who are going hungry have complained the government has not learned any lessons from the devastating floods of last year.

Ghulam Nabi’s village of Ghulam Jat disappeared. She said: ‘The water is very dirty here. We don’t have anything to eat. Sometimes we don’t eat for two or three days. There is no firewood for cooking.’

In some areas, there is clean water and food for those who fled the rising tides.

But in others, like the worst-hit Badin district, residents complain that no relief supplies have arrived.

It is not just the farmers who are facing devastation. The city of Karachi has also been swamped.

Japan, China and the United States have all promised humanitarian aid.

Last year Pakistan suffered major widespread flooding that covered much of the country and killed 2,000 people.