Personal video of Gaddafi discovered

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Personal video of Gaddafi discovered

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Rare personal footage of former Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi has been found on a laptop in the home of his son Hannibal.

The video, obtained by the Associated Press, shows him playing with two young boys, assumed to be his grandchildren. It is not known where or when it was shot.

The friendly nature of the film is in sharp contrast to the brutality of Gaddafi’s 42 year rule.

A Syrian TV station that has broadcast interviews with him in the past claims he is still in Libya but this cannot be independently confirmed.

What is certain is that one of his sons, Saadi, is in neighbouring Niger where the government has told the United States that he is being kept under surveillance but has not been detained.

Rebel fighters meanwhile remain locked in a struggle for control of towns still held by Gaddafi loyalists.

A full-blown assault on Bani Walid is on hold, but sporadic clashes have left seven rebels dead and ten wounded.

The rebels say they were betrayed by local people who led them into an ambush.