Erdogan says Palestinian statehood an "obligation"

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Erdogan says Palestinian statehood an "obligation"

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Turkey’s prime minister has addressed a meeting of the Arab League’s foreign ministers in Cairo, saying recognition of a Palestinian state is an “obligation, and not an option.”

It was a ringing endorsement of the Palestinians’ demand, one that they are putting to the United Nations in New York next week.

“It’s time to raise the Palestinian flag at the United

Nations. Let’s raise the Palestinian flag and let that flag be the symbol of peace and justice in the Middle East. Let’s contribute to securing well- deserved peace and stability in the Middle East,” said Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

On the West Bank there is a boom in flag and banner making ahead of the diplomatic push at the UN. People are working around the clock in what’s being described as a national campaign for statehood, but one that is likely to founder as the USA has promised to veto it in the Security Council.