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  • UEFA chief Michel Platini will stand for the FIFA presidency, it has been confirmed.
  • Iraqi government calls Turkish assault on Kurdish militants in northern Iraq “a dangerous escalation and an assault on iraqi sovereignty”.
  • Afghan government says investigating reports that Mullah Omar, leader of Afghan Taliban, is dead
  • An Afghan government official said that a press conference had been called on the subject of Taliban leader Mullah Omar, amid rumours of his death.
  • An air strike by an Israeli surveillance plane hit a car in southwestern Syria, killing two members of a militia fighting alongside the Syrian military (Reuters quoting Hezbollah’s al-Manar TV)
  • Turkish cabinet formally signs agreement opening Incirlik Air Base to US-led coalition against ISIL militants
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A commuter train has collided with a local bus at a level crossing in Argentina.

At least nine people died in the accident in Buenos Aires. More than 200 were injured. In daylight, the full horror of the crash became clear. The impact of the train reduced the bus to a fraction of its width and wedged it up against the nearby station platform.

The first train derailed and then collided with another. Firefighters faced the challenge of extricating the critically injured and dead from a mass of twisted wreckage.

Some eyewitnesses say the driver was trying to beat the lights by racing across the crossing, but others say the barriers were not working properly.

The bus driver is among those who died.

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