The world remembers 9/11

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The world remembers 9/11

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Sunday witnessed what was surely one of the most emotional days in the history of the United States as the country paid tribute to the near 3000 victims of the terrorist attacks ten years ago on September the 11th.

President Obama and his wife Michelle, accompanied by former President George Bush, visited each of the three memorials, starting with Ground Zero in Manhattan, where two planes brought down the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

Following a minute’s silence, New York musician Paul Simon played an emotional rendition of one his most famous songs, the Sound of Silence.

From New York the Obamas travelled to Shanksville Pennsylvania where the fourth plane was forced down by passengers who fought back against the al-Qaeda hijackers. They laid a wreath on the memorial for the 40 passengers and crew who perished on United Airlines flight 93.

From Pennsylvania it was onto the Pentagon outside the capital Washington DC, the target of the third plane on that fateful day in 2001. The aircraft hit the building just half an hour after the attacks on the twin towers.

Throughout the day the names of all of the victims of the attacks were read out, a solemn process that took five hours to complete.