Gaddafi son flees to Niger

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Gaddafi son flees to Niger

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One of the sons of fugitive former Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi has arrived in neighbouring Niger.

Saadi Gaddafi crossed over the remote Sahara desert frontier in a convoy with along with eight other people.

Niger has recognised the rebel National Transitional Council as the ruling authority in Libya but the Niger Justice Minister said Saadi was allowed to enter on humanitarian grounds.

The NTC is making priority of hunting down Gaddafi and his family.

In Tripoli the man who ran the former regime’s external spy service, Bouzaid Dorda, was filmed being held by armed rebels. He declined a request for an interview and said he is innocent until proven guilty.

The NTC says it wont declare Libya liberated until it takes control of towns still in control of Gaddafi loyalists.

They said that on Sunday they were meeting stiff resistance as they fought their way into Bani Walid and edged closer to Sirte, the birthplace of the ousted Libyan leader.

An NTC spokesman said the plan for Bani Walid is to wait. He said when rebel forces entered the town they found Gaddafi fighters had put missile launchers on the roofs of houses containing civilians, making it impossible for NATO planes to strike.