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New York a city of memory and reflection

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New York a city of memory and reflection


A city of eight million has many memories and New Yorkers are reflecting on the day that changed America.

The scale of the attack on the place many regard as the cultural capital of the world continues to haunt the metropolis.

“My son was actually trapped in a building accross the street from the towers…. and he got out after several hours… and then he decided to come back and to move back and he started a business with another young man who had also been with him and they actually relocated in Lower Manhattan… very determined to rebuild the city,” said one mother.

While another woman spoke of the need to focus on fundamentals:

“Love, honour, always remember, heart, forgiveness, always love, family, friendship, those are the things that I wanted to remember of that day… I wanted to make it positive.”

Euronews reporter in New York Anna Bressanin says the ribbons that adorn St Paul’s chruch in the city carry a name or a simple phrase, such as “we will never forget you.”

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