Japan remembers quake and tsunami victims

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Japan remembers quake and tsunami victims

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People in Japan are holding ceremonies to mark the half-year anniversary of the country’s devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Moments of silence have been held in honour of the more than 20,000 people who died.

One event involved the creation of a rainbow made out of stories on the disaster written by children.

Organiser Taishi Uchiyama said: “A lot of people are affected by natural and man-made disasters, and we want people to keep their dreams and hopes alive. If everyone puts their dreams together, it can become a rainbow that gives hope to everyone. So we went around and gathered everyone’s dreams to make this.”

Rebuilding will not be easy. The disaster caused the equivalent of nearly 220 billion euros in damage.

Also coinciding with the half-year anniversary was an anti-nuclear demonstration in Tokyo.

The protesters are angry about the way the nuclear crisis triggered by the disaster was handled.

In a town close to the radiation leaking Fukushima plant, hundreds of floating lanterns were released into the sky.