End game nigh in Libya's civil war

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End game nigh in Libya's civil war

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Libyan fighters remain poised to claim the last bastions of Muammer Gaddafi’s moribund regime.

National Transitional Council forces continue to pound the town of Bani Walid, which contains around one thousand well armed and well trained Gaddafi loyalists and mercenaries.

Those opposed to Gaddafi believe that one or two of the ousted leaders sons are holed up in Bani Walid.

They also warned an attack on the colonel’s hometown of Sirte is imminent.

Gaddafi, the leader turned fugitive, has urged all his supporters to keep fighting in the four towns where he still commands support.

As the fighting continues the head of Libya’s provisional government, Abdel Jalil, has arrived in Tripoli to take up work in the capital.

The NTC were at pains to stress that Gaddafi, though weakened, is still dangerous.

Jalil said: “We are not yet liberated. Gaddafi still has money and gold. These are the fundamental things that will allow him to find men. We have to realise Gaddafi is not finished yet.”

Abdel Jalil, a former Gaddafi justice minister who headed the NTC from the eastern city of Bengazhi, has urged patience and unity.