Medvedev urges balanced diplomacy in Syria

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Medvedev urges balanced diplomacy in Syria

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“Syrians Urge The UN To Pass a Resolution For a Permanent Observer Mission in Syria”.

The slogan on the Syrian protesters’ banner appeared highlighted in colour in both Arabic and English, and the message was clear: they want the outside world to help deter attacks on civilians amid the continued crackdown on protests.

Damascus and Homs have seen more demonstrations after Friday prayers.

An activists’ umbrella group said a rise in the number of protesters killed has convinced many Syrians of the need for help.

But Moscow and Beijing have resisted calls for UN sanctions. The Russian president told euronews why.

“We must not idealise this situation, we must approach it from a balance of interests. We are ready to support different approaches, but they must not be based on one-sided condemnations of the actions of the Syrian government and President Assad. They must first send a signal to all conflicting sides that they need to sit down at the negotiating table, they need to agree and stop the bloodshed,” said Dmitry Medvedev.

Talks between Russia and an adviser to Assad are set for Monday. Members of the Syrian opposition were in Moscow on Friday, calling on Russia in vain to support the anti-government protests and not find itself out of step.

The president of the Syrian Human Rights Association, Ammar Kurabi, warned Moscow not to repeat the same mistake it made with Libya.

He said Russia’s late recognition of the National Transitional Council – it only did so last week – highlighted Moscow as a slow responder to events there, and they did not want a repeat scenario in Syria.