Chinese activist Wang locked up for nine months

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Chinese activist Wang locked up for nine months

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Chinese rights activist Wang Lihong has been sentenced to nine months in jail for taking part in a protest outside a court as three bloggers stood trial last year.

Wang was found guilty of “stirring up trouble” as the Communist Party attempts to stamp out Internet-spread dissent.

Her son, Qi Jiangxiang, explained what happened in court:

“She said, ‘I think you all know that I’m innocent’, and the judge said ‘Well, we have a different understanding.”

The district authorities took just 10 minutes to sentence the 56-year-old.

Diplomats from the US, EU and other countries turned up at the courthouse to add their support for Wang.

Dissent is growing in the People’s Republic after riots by rural migrants and criticism of the government following a high-speed train crash and protests over a chemical plant.

The use of new media, Internet and mobile phones amplified the impact of the grievances.